A few years before it launched a successful business, the company’s story began with the enthusiasm and research passion of several scientists from the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) in Sofia, who developed technologies in the field of inorganic synthesis. In the early 1990s, such innovations found widespread practical application in promising areas of business, and so in a few years this turned their inventors into owners of capital, which they subsequently invested, each in their own way.

The beginning

One of them did not hesitate to put all his personal and capital resources into creating a small pharmaceutical company. In a modest manufacturing plant in a metropolitan neighborhood, with only a dozen of employees, he started producing a few basic products – alcohol, rivanol, and oxygenated water. This was the beginning of CHEMAX PHARMA. Over the next few decades, thanks to his consistency and entrepreneurial spirit, its founder, Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Sulev slowly but surely placed it among the leading companies on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market with a modernly equipped own production base, annual revenue growth and innovative additions to the portfolio.



Today, Chemax Pharma manufactures and markets over 130 different pharmaceutical products, with operations in the country and in over 9 foreign markets. And although it is driven towards the dynamics of the new century, the company still keeps the values on which it was built and upholds the trust of its partners and employees: correctness, loyalty and professionalism.

Important milestones


Founding of the company.




The rebuilding and modernization of the company’s new own facility, which includes high-tech production workshops, laboratories and warehouses, is completed.



Quality Certificate

The company was among the first on the Bulgarian market to obtain the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) quality certificate. In the meantime, it is accepted as a regular member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry.



Its first own brand

Iodseptadone® – appears to launch a whole new series of branded medicinal products and food supplements. In the same year, Chemax Pharma was accepted as a regular member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



A new manufacturing facility

A new manufacturing facility for sachet dosage forms is opened with a pilot product, Dialgin.




A line for the production of solid capsule forms is built, and the first series of food supplements under the Daily+ brand is launched.



Quality Certificate

Chemax Pharma is certified for quality with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).



First export of products

The company realizes its first export of products outside the country.



Innovative company of the year

For its innovative activities in the field of pharmaceutical production and a number of protected patents and utility models, Chemax Pharma was nominated Innovative Company of the Year by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.



New production facility

A new tablet dosage form manufacturing facility began operations, and new technologies were introduced for the drugs Acessal Protect and Iburapid.

The company’s first registered own brand outside the country is also available.


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