Piracetam Chemax Pharma® sachet 2,4g х 20


The product is applied for:

  • symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome with the following manifestations: memory impairment, impaired attention and lack of motivation;
  • treatment of effects of ischemic cerebro-vascular events, particularly aphasia;
  • treatment of cortical myoclonus, alone or in combination;
  • treatment of vertigo and related disorders of balance, with the exception of dizziness of psychic origin;
  • treatment of dyslexia in combination with appropriate measures such as speech therapy;
  • Crisis prevention in patients with sickle cell disease.

Active Substance:


Content in Dose Unit:

2.4g/ 6 g

Pharmaceutical Form:

Powder for oral solution

Method of Administration:


Method of Allocation:


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