Restarta® capsules х 30

What is Restarta®?

Restarta® is a plant preparation with a favourable effect on the nervous system. It balances the emotional state by improving the mood, eliminates the sense of anxiety and nervous tension.

One capsule Restarta® contains: 120 mg standardized dry extract of Hypericum Perforatum L. and 56 mg standardized dry extract of Valeriana officinalis L.

When can you use Restarta®?

Restarta® is suitable for:

  • irritability, anxiety and fear;
  • low mood, loss of interest and ability to experience joy;
  • concentration and attention disorders;
  • feeling of guilt and uselessness;
  • mild sleep disorders related to physical and mental fatigue;
  • neurotic disorders, especially in the climacterium.

The pluses which Restarta® adds to your health every day are:

  • balanced emotional state;
  • recovery of the inner peace and confidence;
  • flow of positive emotions;
  • improved cognitive functions;
  • increased interest and activity;
  • stimulation of the natural synthesis of serotonin in the brain.

Method of Administration:

Take Restarta® 3 х 1 capsule

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