VIVACITÈS® capsules х 30


Vivacitès® is a plant preparation which has a favourable effect on the nervous system by balancing the emotional state.

One capsule Vivacitès® contains: 100 mg standardized dry extract of valerian, 60 mg standardized dry extract of hawthorn and 40 mg standardized dry extract of peppermint.

VIVACITÈS® acts favourably in case of:

  • physical and psychic pressure;
  • stress;
  • nervous excitement, including during climacterium;
  • mild sleep disorders related to physical and mental fatigue.

The pluses which VIVACITÈS® adds to your health every day are:

  • supports the activity of the vegetative nervous system;
  • favours the balancing of the emotional state;
  • restores the inner peace;
  • positively affects the normal heart activity;
  • contributes to an adequate sleep;
  • contributes to a good digestion.

Method of Administration:

Take 1 capsule 4 times daily before meals

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